Saturday, June 23, 2018

Late night + Early morning = little motivation

Hubby and youngest are off on their trip.  Which meant a late night for us getting ready and a super early morning since they left at 6.  Soooo  today I have little motivation.  Pathetic really. 

Yesterday was lots and lots of laundry but I can honestly say I'm pretty caught up - about a half a load to wash really - but I'm waiting until its truly full.

I have all kinds of things I could be doing that take little energy - but I just don't have it and its rainy and cloudy out there today.....making me want to curl up with a book or netflix.

I am supposed to go out for a moms-dinner-out with some girlfriends so I'm thinking I should conserve my energy - lol or I will fall asleep at the table.

A bonus to my lack of energy is that I am not out and about spending money - especially since I have books from the last library sale to read still.

Lunches & Dinners the last 2 days have been leftover buffet -  I like it since its avoiding food waste.  Tomorrow is eggplant parm though.   I bought a box of frozen eggplant "cutlet" things to try at Aldi last week.  I have some meat sauce in the fridge so if oldest doesn't eat that for dinner tonight I will call that into service with some extra sauce.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Long day ahead

Today was a busy one...appointment and a shopping errand for hubby.  

Tomorrow promises to be as busy.  Have to get some wash done in the early morning, lots of folding to be taken care of and a quick trip to shop-rite.   Then more Folding of laundry & dinner to make.

I will be watching the weather super carefully too since there are some things I want to get done over the weekend in the yard, but I'm not willing to roast/melt or get drenched doing so (not when there are plenty of things inside that need my attention too)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Aldi report

Almonds!  Aldi has the best price lately on this tasty diet staple for us.  They had the ones we like (plain unsalted) but I think the bag is smaller. 14 oz for $4.79. Still a decent deal.  They are good for a snack and we tend to put them in just about anything.  I don't care for hazelnuts or walnuts, but love almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews and macadamia nuts.  

Also restocked my mini chocolate chip stash....a rather large group of mice found the last bag hidden in the pantry and added them to homemade trail mix.  

Tuesday - to dos day

Ha!  Feeling cleverish with the title today....
Busy day here - hoping for much success checking stuff off the list....
Appointments to schedule, mail to get out, oil change to get done, Aldi run...what else can I squeeze in?  

Even left a list for the kiddos. Youngest needs to go a bit of yard work that needs sorting/cleaning.  
Oldest needs to follow up on summer employment finding with phone calls/visits.  
Laundry needs putting away for both.

On the summer job front for oldest, doesn't last week driving around go fill out applications for 2 days, only to be gold: go home and fill out on line & we'll call I had the talk with him that he has to be a bit more proactive with that....hopefully he doesn't freeze up and contacts these places to see if they'll  interview him for a job.  These aren't career gigs. It's summer work.  So different from when I was a teen in the 80s. You hustled for a job & put yourself out there and usually got hired. Actually had one place call back and told him we don't hire under 18 and you need paid job experience, hmmm  working at a children's camp doesn't cut it I guess (no customer service there?). 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer is here - yuck

Today it's nice and muggy out...yuck. 
Tomorrow the weather dudes are predicting more heat and humidity and poor air quality - double yuck!

I had high hopes to do a little work outside but if the forecasters are right I will skip it and work on my inside the house list (always growing)

Desperately trying to not shop this week.  Plans are to eat what's in the house, plent of frozen veggies and meats to pick from. Must make good use of them this week since it will be  a really busy one.
I think if I'm smart and creative it can be done.

Zaycon - what am I missing?

Ok, what's the scoop on this company?  I see lots of bloggers really like it.  How is the meat?  Any one out there try the 93/7 ground beef?  Reviews?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

It's done!

We did it!  Finished cleaning the garage!  What an ordeal!
Minimal arguments - the trash bin is full, the recycle bin is full (and this week isn't a recycle week - boo)  and hubby's truck is full (stuff to take to transfer station, cardboard & bulky waste). My car has a lot to go to goodwill too!  I'd rather it go to Salvation Army if I can find one though....I'm sure that there will be more tomorrow in my car since I've got a bag started from my closet.  After my most recent trip to goodwill this week I would much rather see things go to salvation army or St Vincent de Paul's...

I'm just glad I can actually get a car back in the garage.  After the new storm door gets installed on the front door and the drill press sells we could probably get 2 cars in (have to find a home for the snowblower first - it's staying)

On another note, my thighs have gotten worse as the day went on, hoping it was just from yesterday and today's many trips up and down stairs. Takeout pizza for dinner,  Advil and ice cream were desert for me and I'm surfing for something to watch on Netflix.