Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy aThanksgiving!

Yes, I've been missing for a bit....started working the big sub gig this week.....loads to update on too.
In the meantime - tear yourselves away from the screens and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Big or small be thankful for what you have!  
Have a peaceful and blessed day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Still kickin it!

Still kickin it today....whew, but I'm really beat now.  Today was concert attire day for me at school.  Pick up, clean, return, repeat.....just madness!  I'm going in tomorrow to address a few minorish repairs so my sewing machine goes on a field trip too, wish I had a mini machine since it's such minor stuff, but I don't and I'm not buying one! 

Also on today's agenda were several emails that needed attention, an awards dinner tonight in town, the usual kitchen tidying and teenager riding about homework that needed to be completed.  

Now I'm packed up to go into battle tomorrow.  Really hopeful I can get all this done and back in time for a meeting at 7.  

And Friday I'm working, so I hope to get some quality sleep tonight.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Accomplishment Day

Whoa!  What a day!  It was a busy one for sure.  I wasn't called in this morning but that's ok.  I hit the ground running.  After dropping the kids at school I headed to Walmart for some items I needed for a school project and home (some stuff you can't substitute), then it was off to emissions for my car, long wait but I was able to answer some emails from my phone so it wasn't a total loss of time. I then headed home to get dear pet to the vet appointment I had almost forgotten about, back home to have lunch and pick up the music/drama boosters checkbook.  Quick run to goodwill to drop off 2 bags of outgrown clothes and off to the screenprinter for shirts that were ordered then back to school to sort them and pick up the kids.  Home to make dinner (thank goodness I planned it) and now I'm packing it in for the day (did more paperwork after dinner).

Tomorrow has more on deck in the way of errands, just trying to wrap up some loose ends before I'm working & the holidays are here (along with midterm exams and the Christmas concert). I also have a quick project I need to sew and see if it works the way I want it to.  

All this and I took a page from TraceeBee at Just Keep Swimming MamaFish and started a spending notebook to be accountable.  Yes, today was eye opening and it's day 1. Keep your eyes out for my wrapup on Saturday. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Deep cleaning - necessary evil

Our dishwasher is the 2nd one in the house in the last 19 years we've lived here.  This one is about 6 years old.  The other was a kitchen aid by Hobart model. Maybe late 80s early 90s.   It was totally not energy efficient, sounded like a freight train and would blast the pattern off your plates it was such a workhorse I loved it!  When the door seal finally gave up and the appliance store couldn't get a replacement or any parts for it we bid adieu and went with an energy star basic model. 

I'm very careful about wiping the plates or rinsing and only use finish tablets as reccomeded by manufacture and appliance store (buying the ones in the silver wrapper rather than the pods style) 

Today as I scoured the kitchen sink and cleaned the cooktop (someone let rice boil over) I ran the dishwasher....when it was done and ready to unload the dishes were only 1/2 clean.  It hasn't been working great the last couple weeks.  So I found the manual and started to dismantle it for a deep clean.  This was a hellish task.  Required 2 types of screwdrivers, a flashlight and much patience.  
After about 90 minutes I had it all cleaned out and reassembled and ready to go.  Rather than run it with detergent I filled the detergent cup with white vinegar and gave a generous splash to the bottom of the tub.  Ran it on pots & pan cycle with heat assist.  Seemed to be much it's full of dinner dishes and I'll run it in the morning once the breakfast dishes go in.  If I don't see improvement I'll get some of the dishwasher cleaner at Walmart (similar to washing machine cleaner I use for the HE washer). If that doesn't help I guess it a call to the appliance store for a service.  

I joke with hubby if it goes, it will be replaced in 24 hours.  But I'm serious - and after the last one croaked he knows I mean it.  

All ready

Sunday night and in bed before 10, super unusual for me. It's been a busy day and we had Chinese takeout for dinner which bought me some time to get extra things done.
Here's how things look:
Coffee pot ready to go & on timer
All laundry washed & put away  & 1 load on drying racks (including all beds)
Wardrobe ready in case I'm called in early
List of To-do ready for tomorrow in case I'm not called in early
      2 Car emissions, grocery store run, goodwill drop off, paperwork to get done ready
Meals planned for the week. This is a big one for me.  

Bring it on week - I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

New item review

After reading on CT on A Budget about the powdered laundry detergent from Dollar Tree - I decided what the heck, I'll try it.  Here is my review, keep in mind that we have well water and a water treatment  thing in the basement and with front loader HE washer I usually only use liquid detergent and wash mostly in cold water.  

This week I've washed 4 loads in it.  2 hot, 1 with bleach and 1 without bleach it dissolved well and the towels and whites were clean and not heavily fragranced. 1 cold, required an extra rinse since the powder didn't dissolve quite completely but with the extra rinse stuff was clean.  1 was washed in warm water, disolved fine.  So my verdict is its pretty good, for warm and hot. I will probably use it for loads of whites.  Rinsing twice is a pain and waste of water though.   

The powder is pretty fine and it's not heavily fragranced too (I like that)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Goodwill score!

Had a quick errand that had me near a different goodwill than I normally go to - although I generally have done well at this one when I am there....

I got there about 15 minutes after they opened - best time. Very few other shoppers....and they price by rack for example: blouses are one price. Skirts are one price and so forth.  Much better than the one near hubby office that is competing with Walmart, kohls and a savers all within a 2 mile stretch

I was looking for navy pants.  Found a new with tags pair of ladies dockers khakis and a cute navy, Kelly green print dress instead!  Go and a funky necklace and a garnet looking ring that made me smile.  I never look at jewelry but it was there at the register while I waited to check out....

Success even if I did t get what I went in for, proving you have to keep an open mind when bargain hunting.