Monday, March 18, 2019

Frugal Friday 3/15 & watching YouTube

Frugal week....
Lots of leftovers eaten. Minimal errands = less gas used by me.  Youngest used my car a few days since his wasn't working right and he has an after school job.   Oldest kid was on spring break  but back to school now, so today dear doggie is sulking since there is no teen home to play all day. 

Super uneventful expensewise so I'm calling it a WIN!

Started watching a new YouTube channel.   Amy Maryon - she does large grocery hauls, and once a month freezer cooking. (Another family if 10 kids!). But man does she find some deals!!  And she has 2 fridges in her kitchen!!  Which doesn't look like a super big space. Check it out. They're long but entertaining

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Plans for today's rainy mess / bookshelf

It's pretty yucky out....snowy slushy rainy yuck is falling from the sky.  
Good day to clean off my bookshelf and box up stuff I've read - I know myself....I won't re-read a novel and none of them made a huge enough impression that I need to hang on to them. I'll drop them off at one of the little free libraries or at the local library for their spring book sale.  Free up some spec and reduce clutter.  

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Frugalish Friday 3/8

It was only a frugalish week here....

Biggest deal was I shopped for the first time and got free delivery of 30 pounds of dog food, storage bin on wheels for it, training treats/toy, dog seatbelt and nail clippers.  Because it was my first order I also got $20 off - hooray!  The price of kibble is the same within $.10-.20 everywhere so I'm going for free delivery to my door for this item. And I had the stuff the next day.  Totally worth it.

Pet store with ar and up tub station has Yappy Hour weekly, nail clippings, ear cleanings, teeth brushing. We did the nail clipping since he was due, they showed me how too.  I already do his ears at home (having had a dog growing up that was my chore) and will start doing teeth at home too... 

Trip to shoprite was more $$ than I wanted - considering I didn't want to grocery store it this week and work from freezer and pantry.  But, the flyer had other plans for me - great coupons!  I couldn't pass the items up.  The fact I can use Youngest's employee discount made it really worth going too.

Oldest and I took dear doggy go the pet store for a beefier crash tested harness (works with his seatbelt and as a no pull harness) - while we were there we washed him (he hated it but my back loved it) and toothpaste set.  Dogs only get one set of teeth and really need them to eat.  The dental chews from the vet are $1.20/daily, are kinda high calorie which has to adjusted for by decreasing his kibble and he poops bright green from them.  We are going to try this since we want him healthy.  So $50 out the door, but I can keep up on a lot of stuff myself with doggy.  If I need to order the dental chews, I'll add them to my chewy order I guess.  The harness has a,ready mDe such a difference in walking behavior vs the first no tug harness, plus has a handle on the back for greater control.  

Hoping next week is a bit better on the spending side of things.  I would love to have a total no spend week - maybe that's my goal for next week!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Frugal workouts

Who needs a fancy gym membership....
Saturday I got my workout circuit training style: digging out 2 cars to move for plowing, walking the dog around the property edges (2 acres each trip) several sets of stairs doing laundry, and lots of stretching as I dusted & vacuumed spring cleaning style in our bedroom.
Sunday was a light legs day, just lots of trips up and down the stairs tidying up.  Oldest did all the dog walking.  
Monday - today was lifting. Lots of lifting, dug out those same 2 cars again (12" heavy wet snow) so we could get a good plowing done.  The back out to scrape the melty bits off do the wouldn't turn slick. Also had to shovel a path for dear doggy so he could do his potty in the right spot at the back of the yard - the snow was up to his tummy and I don't  know how to use the snowblower (it's too big for me anyway). Then a couple rounds of walks to the potty spot.  

I'm whipped!  Bedtime is going to be great!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Frugal Friday 3/1

Good week on the frugality home front....

Dollar tree shopping $7.33
3 bottles of DT Goldbond powder
2 lint rollers (with mini size ones attached - good for my car and dog fur)
Yes to cucumbers micellar water
Snickers bar

ALDI $93
Basic stock up - bread, OJ, butter, almonds, milk, canned peaches, sliced cheddar and provolone, tater tots, brown rice, baking supplies & snack supplies for oldests long class day (12 hrs)

Working on only shopping when really necessary - 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Receipts.  I save them, most times they are in the bottom of my purse or in my wallet.  

With dear doggy I have an envelope in his folder from the humane society for them.  It really came in handy too yesterday.  I went to put his harness on and one of the clips was cracked!  That freaked me out, but I have the reciept somewhere it belongs and found it.  Within the hour I was home with a replacement harness.  He wears a collar but I feel more secure with him walked in a harness (have for all dogs growing to too).   

So, moral of the your receipts. You may need them come day....and you can always shred them when you're sure you don't.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Frugal Friday 2/22

I'm a little late with this....last week was a very frugal week. I was home with dear doggy all week.  
We ate food from home during the week so that was great.  I actually didn't need to go to the store for any groceries. 

I had my scrapbook weekend so spent $30 at Walgreens on photos and m&ms. Thankfully I had all the other supplies I needed to work on pages. 

Big pet expenses were:  
License fee $8
New crate base tray $15
New crate mat cushion $20 (still has blankies to burrow in)
Dog food (10#s) $29. Had coupons for them too but we are transitioning kibble so had to get a small bag of each old and new.