Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ready for a really frugal week

I've geared up for a super frugal week.  It's another busy week coming up.  

I head back into battle with the guidance dpartment since this 1 teacher is really being a pain about following the established 504 plan for the youngest.  I'm ready to ask them to fire this teacher.  The breaks aren't being allowed, the seating arrangement isn't followed & moved the assigned seat again and extended deadline for homework has been removed - says "I'm not doing that for any others, I'm not making exceptions for 1".   
I HATE this teacher.  
Refusing to accept what modern education experts and Drs say about ADHD is sooo wrong.  All the assessments we've had done and $$$ spent and this 1 teacher is stoking the fire to derail all the hard work by my kid over years.  The desire to go to school is gone, the enjoyment is gone, being reprimanded and called on the carpet in front of the class has squashed it.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back to normal routine - NOPE!

Grrrr.   WARNING! . This post is written in Whinese.

 I was all prepped for a return to normal routine of post April school break.  6 weeks left of academics.  Here's the scene....
Last night house was clean, last load of sheets in the dryer to be folded this morning (done).  Backpacks repacked for the week and ready to go at their designated spots.  Track bag packed for meet today after school even. I was in bed by 10 and ready to dream of a day where I could fold that last bit of laundry in quiet with a cup of coffee after getting home from morning drop off.  I also have about 100 calls to make today and was looking forwards to getting stuff done in the solitude & silence.


Here is the reality:
Got out if the house fine for the morning drop off.  Dishwasher started & running. Got home to find hubs has decided to hang out and work from home - which means no silence....he's on phone and he walks around on calls (which I have to be silent during because his headset mic is sensitive).
This also means when im trying to get stuff done there will be urgent questions that need answers from me.  So much for my quiet and productive day.  Im a person who craves quiet....there are constantly things that make noise all around me, appliances, people, cars. I purposefully don't have the radio or tv on for background noise when I'm home usually - if I need to know something I watch or listen and it goes off.  I also crave solitude where the phone isn't ringing and things aren't being requested.  

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bathroom cleaning hack

I have a new favorite soap scum buster!  I can't get the family to switch from bar soap to shows gels.
It's a combo actually. 
Comet spray (lavender scent) and a plastic scrubby pad (the ones that look like brillos). I bought them originally for the kitchen but thought what the heck.  Awesome results!  No scratching, less scrubbing than with a brush and the rinse super clean!  I get the. At dollar tree.  2 bathrooms once a week they last about a month.  But at 6/$1 it's pretty good.  

I have to admit - we need to re-grout a bit if our master shower - it's a little stained so I used a little Clorox bowl cleaner on it with an old toothbrush, not perfect but much better.  It's getting re-grouted this summer.  

I even had enough energy left over to wash the painted walls and wipe the ceilings down.  When we renovated the bathrooms we opted for un-sanded ceilings (unlike the rest of the house) and we went with washable bathroom paint in a satin finish. Whew - super smart.  Now here are 2 rooms that are spring cleaned ready.

Simple Easter Baskets

As the kids get older it gets easier.
The obligatory chocolate rabbit, Hershey eggs and Reese's eggs, robins egg bubblegum and NO peeps this year - couldn't get my hands on plain original yellow chicks (I only went to 2places though)
Kiddos needed some additions to their wardrobes so that's what we did.  Oldest is getting some new golf shirts ($2/kohls Xmas clearance) & youngest wanted a specific kind of pants (plus just got expensive new sprinter spikes 2 weeks ago). Simple.

Kinda miss the days when I could whip up an Easter basket full of fun things like new crayons, frisbee and coloring books but this is good since I know they don't wake us up at the crack of dawn yo hunt for plastic eggs.

I want a Giraffe for Easter!!

Ok - none of that silly hippopotamus song.....
April the giraffe is going to break the internet today and she's having her baby!  

I'm a dork I know but there is so much crappy stuff going on in the world today - it's nice to have a distraction.  

Shocking housing costs

That's shocking money amounts...

A little bout of insomnia last night had my mind wandering.....

Just out of curiosity I did a little apartment shopping in the area of the kids school.  Just to see what costs are for renters....I know what our mortgage is and our house is furnished....but if someone was just starting out or starting over what kind of cash would they need on hand to get into a place.  

Our church usually helps get someone (newly out of homelessness) set up in an apartment with furniture & kitchen stuff so I know that stuff kinda...I always donate mugs and a new tea kettle & teas or coffee pot & coffees at least.  

Back to housing....holy shite!  Talk about a chunk of cash a person needs to have at the ready to get keys!  
Two on Craigslist looked decent 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms back patio area single floor.  I know where it is too. Older complex, almost looks like it would have been elderly housing in the early 80s.  The other was old navy housing that's been converted to affordable housing.  Townhouse style half a duplex 2bdrm/1.5 ba.  Each right around $1200/month with no utilities.  
Both wanted first and last months rent and one had a security as well but that $number wasn't listed.  
Neither had laundry - but had hookups.  Just from my own adventures to the laundromat when our washer was down taught me a family of 4 conservatively can spend $25-30 to have clean clothes, towels & sheets each week. How would you ever save for a basic washer while using the laundromat?

So, bottom line $2400+ to get keys!  Then there are the moving would anyone ever get it together with a basic minimum wage retail type job?  What if there were kids in the mix?  It's kinda sad.  

Affordable housing is really something that there is a shortage of & it makes me feel bad for people.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

4 days left of break

Wow!  I'm not sure where the week has gone - I know I haven't accomplished as much as I had hoped for.  Running kiddos around and errands for the house took way way more time than I had alloted. 
Today was a run to Pick up some cheater readers for hubs, Easter basket goodies and Easter plants, along with my hair appointment and more evening errands took up the day - faster than I thought it would.

Youngest is under house arrest until I see the makeup work owed in one class in my hand!  And all laundry needs to be put away properly (by both kids). 
I would love nothing more than to sit around Monday and do nothing for anyone.