Sunday, February 18, 2018

Realizations of a working mom

After so many years as a stay at home mom and part time work at home mom, I've come to a few realizations since taking this long term sub gig last fall.  Some have been in my thoughts for a while, number 2 and 6.  Some are new things I have learned about myself, or maybe knew but forgot and now they are back in the front of my brain.  
1.  I'm not a good meal planner, thought I was, but nope. 
2.  I have a lot of volunteer stuff on my plate I don't enjoy doing - this needs to rapidly change - like in the fall I'm dropping some big time suckers.  When it becomes a drag of an obligation it's not good.
3.  Capsule wardrobes would be awesome - I'm going to try capsuling my closet
4.  I miss my midweek consignment/marshalls, tjmaxx/savers/goodwill bargain hunt days a lot! Especially since I've dropped 12 pounds by working at school (no all day grazing)
5.  If I'm working full time in the fall - we are investing in a cleaning lady at least 2X a month. Because nothing sucks more than working all day, sports at night for kids and then spending a complete weekend day as a house cleaner when it's not a familial effort.
6.  I'm going to make more time for stuff I like doing - not what others think I should like doing, not what others like me doing for them, stuff I like, reading - crafty things - Netflix marathons - gardening

Ahhhh February Vacation!

We are on vacation!! Well, home from school for the full week.  It's not going to be all loafing and lounging, but there is plenty of that on the list of things to do.
What's on the list?
Meals at home - I'm going to be cooking!
Sports practice for the oldest
Mission trip prep for the youngest
Dr appointments for the kids
Lesson plans for the last 5 weeks of this gig.
Prepping for my scrapbook weekend away with girlfriends
College acceptance day for oldest (hubs is taking kiddo)
Cleaning the house.  (Something I've really neglected doing well since working)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Slogging along

Still recovering from the latest poor hubby has it.  I'm actually surviving this one a bit better than the Christmas version.  So far neither kid has comedown with it yet - keeping fingers crossed and cleaning like crazy so it doesn't happen.

This week I officially have 1 teen driver and 1 with a learners permit.  I hate to think how the insurance will jump when the 2nd gets a real license.  

College acceptances are coming in along with "aid" packages info.  Looks like oldest will be heading out of state. Actually was offered good money for merit aid and instate equivalent tuition at 2 state universities outside of CT.  This means it will actually cost less than UCONN - including room And board.  What's wrong with this picture? 

Still looking at the community college programs and a particular scholarship which would mean 2 years free at a CC.  It's amazing how much college costs. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Snow day woes

Last night I was really hoping for the call today.  It came which is really good.  I'm sick with an awful cold again.  Seriously it hit while I was grading papers after school yesterday....massive sneezing attack.  Today so tired and sinuses are pounding, nose is a snot faucet (tmi sorry). Granted I don't get paid but I don't have to call out either, which is good since I don't have a lot of emergency plans at the ready.  Certainly not 45 minutes worth of quiet work.  Most of my teaching style is activity based learning, kids at the board doing the examples etc.

I'm really hoping that I'm feeling better in the morning.  I've been chugging ginger honey tea, airborne in water and DayQuil. Ugh.  

I'm kinda a germ freak in my classroom too....I wipe down the desks and class doorknob and whiteboard markers with Lysol wipes and there are 2 containers of sanitizer and 3 boxes of tissues through out the room.  It's a scary germy world. Oh and I take vitamins daily....what the heck?!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Yup, I got an InstantPot

Thanks to an amazing family member who shops deals like nobody's business I got an Instant Pot for a Christmas gift.  It's really as amazing as people say.  Fork tender pot roast in 90 minutes vs all day in the crockpot.  Amazingly easy to use and clean.  If you see one on sale get it!!!  Made shredded chicken breasts last weekend and they turned out perfect, not chewy or flavorless just moist and yummy. Made great easy lunches this week.  I am going to try go make yogurt on February break too.  
And rice pudding. 

Still here!! Didn't go far!

Hi there....if there is anyone still out there reading me.
Back from my self imposed hiatus from blog land.  I had to take January off and catch up on life/family commitments.  I'm typing the when I should be getting my weekend catnap. Since I started teaching in November I did a fantastic job of running myself into the ground trying to keep up with my families usual school/sports routines and holiday commitments.  I ran myself until I became sick with the same virus that ran through school just as the holidays came except it hit the week of term exams and with the speed of a Mack truck.   Husband was pretty short tempered about it because it meant a few things didn't happen here.  Sick enough that I slept & coughed a good part of the break away, when I wasn't getting breathing treatments  at the Dr office. But now winter sports are winding down and I'm still burning the midnight oil trying go keep almost 80 middleschoolers engaged and learning and while lesson planning, test making, grading and providing constructive timely feedback on homework and attending meetings when asked.  I'm eagerly awaiting the end of this big and peddling as fast as I can to keep these kiddos on task & on track.  My own kids are sick of it though.  The youngest while still a high schooler is struggling and there aren't enough hours in the day for me to help with the academics after sports and driving.  Husband is doing what he can but some academic stuff is out of his area of expertise/comfort.  

Frugally speaking....this has been a bad experiment for us.  5 nights of not leaving sports until 6:30 at the earliest has meant more trips to subway or the diner near school than I like.  But there isn't anywhere to zap a meal after hours so unless the kids want to eat a hot cooked meal at 730-830 that's what's been happening.  Crock pot has been great but on the weekends it's the best use.  One bonus is I've actually lost almost 10 pounds since starting.  This means I may be heading off to get new slacks if I can find a few hours that are free.  I actually was given several new sweaters and tops for Christmas so it's new slacks and some shoes (need those).  

I was smart with my birthday/Christmas gift from my mom and paid property taxes with it.  She will be disappointed I didn't use it for a treat, but that's where Husband thought it would do the most good to the bottom line since the three events are so close together on the financial calendar.  I get a weekend of crafting time the end of Feb (annual & paid for 6 months ago) so maybe I'll get a mani/pedi that weekend as a treat too.

We've been lucky to not have to do a big grocery run.  Just top off trips since the pantry was in really good shape too...getting low on toiletries though....but there is February break so I can dedicate a day to deal hunting restock.  I miss Xpect discounts very very much!

That's enuf for today...

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Frugal Christmas

Always the plan here to have a frugal Christmas. 
Hubby and I went out on Black Friday and did really well at kohls.  I have my kohls cash to use to pick up more gifts this week.  
Gift cards were purchased through a school fundraiser (hubs needs them for work). 
We are keeping it simple with the kids since adding them to our car insurance is outrageous!  And we told them this much.  Plus they're teens and have simpler tastes now.
Tree is up, just no decorations on it yet.  Thinking of going simple on that too.  It's just such a crazy year for us.