Saturday, January 31, 2015

1st world problem - but it's mine

I almost feel guilty whining about this.  But here goes - it's been on my mind a fair bit in the last 24 hours....this is a bit of a venting but it's really bugging me - it's longish...warning!

I have a smallish kitchen and limited counter space.  I only have room for, my Keurig, kitchen aid mixer, toaster, a few canisters of dried goods, fruit bowl dish drainer and kitchen scale.

Couple years ago, my mom gave me a food processor - it was used,(she worked at a neighborhood thrift)  in great shape though.  And a total pain yo use, clean etc.  it's a well known brand and if I was ever in the market for one - I would have totally bought this one.  She raved about how great hers is, and how many things it could do -  truly indispensable piece of equipment.

When we got married, because I already owned the KA Stand mixer of my dreams, I was gifted some great attachments for it - I use them pretty frequently maybe once a month or so.  They live happily in a basket in a lower kitchen cabinet.

This year I was given the food processor attachment for this mixer.  It us way easier to put together and clean than the stand alone version I have sitting on the shelf in the mud room.  My mom stopped by and was in a bit of a huff that this was here!

Now, I've never used either for making pie crust (the reason mom bought it for me)- it is something I suck at - I have given up on it, come to peace with that decision since it's something both my kids have mastered the skill and enjoy it.  I make a killer filling though :-).

Today's stress is brought to me by the fact mom is coming over for lunch tomorrow - I have no idea what to do with the old food processor.  I have some options - all have baggage with them

  1.  I could give it back to her, she knows it was difficult for me to use & dismantle - she could do with it what she wants....but, that would offend her, she should feel that I was ungrateful - because she gave it to me as a 'gift' and now that there is a new one I don't  want hers.
  2. I could donate it to the next church yard sale - which if she then asked where it was by not seeing it on the mudroom shelf (hawk eye) and I hold her - she would be pissed off that I just gave it away after she spent a good $20 on it - again showing how ungrateful I am.
  3. I could donate it to the next apartment warming our church has for the homeless.  {Where we furnish an apartment for a newly un-homeless person}. Great cause! Usually it's a toaster, microwave, coffee pot, cookware, chairs, dressers....all donated - they are so appreciative.  She would again feel hurt or angry and let me know, because she would have just taken it back to the neighborhood thrift for someone else to buy.
It's ironic, because we were raised that once something was given to you (not loaned) or you bought something from someone - it was yours to do with what you liked once it no longer met your needs or fit your style.  Clearly not the case with her - I'm not imagining it.  She did it to my sister when she liquidated her collection of 50s-70s Pyrex dishes (all patterned & colors). Mom helped her find some of the items - when sister moved across the country, rather than move them or rent storage for what she didn't need in her simplified life she sold a bunch on eBay.  Mom had a fit - granted she was offered them for free first and refused.  Terribly frustrating.

Do you get offended when you give something to someone and they give it away after a bit?  Or do you expect them to keep it until the end of time - like the Pharos did with lining their tombs with items for eternity?

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