Monday, January 26, 2015

Blizzard Preps

I'm all set for this thing!  Bring it on!!  New fridge has meals to re-heat in it, pantry in good shape (keeping 3 months on hand never hurts).  Stopped at SuperWalmart after dropping kids at school for their short day.  Picked up fruit & yes a loaf of white bread.  I felt so cliche, but the bread guy was restocking and honestly I don't believe the pictures on the news now.  There was no shortage of bread or milk at this store.  Eggs were in short supply, but I think we will survive for the recommended 3 days if I run out of the 10 I have.

Back to the bread - we might feel like grilled cheese and tomato soup tomorrow for lunch and while we aren't a big bread eating family (pitas and English muffins are more our thing) I knew I had 1/2 a loaf left in the fridge.  Mostly this is because English muffins and pitas are 3/$3 at the bread outlet and we actually eat them up before they turn stale of into science experiments.  Which is why loafs of bread live in our fridge - postpones the experiment stage.

I was amazed however at what people were stocking up on.  Kraft Mac-n-Cheese, chef boyardee, canned soups (I get that) - eggos....

I guess because I'm trying to cook more of our meals and I have the tools & know how to use alternative cooking sources I would never think of any of those foods as storm foods.
 As I got to the car I saw a Facebook post about spam....almost went back for some so the kids could experience it - but changed my mind.

I have a few bottles of beer - guess I'm all set.

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