Saturday, January 24, 2015

Busy Snow Day

We have about 3-4 inches of heavy snow out there.  I'm pretty relieved to stay in (today's sports events were cancelled yesterday).

I am thinking today would be a good day to organize the pantry (gets out of control so fast here) or go through the oldest child's closet.  At least with the pantry there isn't any teen eye rolling and sighing involved - but that closet situation is making me nutty.

I know - 'it's not your closet, let it go' - that's what the rational side of my brain says.  But the other less rational side says 'why do I have to find your stuff for you - every day?  Put it away neatly and there don't be these hunts'. Sometimes, the less rational thoughts escape out my mouth at a high volume.  Which usually causes said teen to slam the door in a huff & causes hubby to tell me how much of a nag I'm being.

Said teen doesn't realize when they are at camp this summer - that room & closet are getting overhauled.  I already have the closetmaid shelf system bought and stashed away.  This child struggles with executive function tasks.  Seeing as the paint color  has been selected, this is getting done - I'm even hiring a friends hubby to do the install (he is a contractor).  No doors on the closet either - curtain works best - we have already figured that out, I will get the panels at Christmas Tree shop or make them.

Maybe the pantry is the more sane project for the day

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  1. We nag because no one listens including dh. I have 17 year old pack rat, I feel your pain. Cheryl