Sunday, January 18, 2015

Crummy cold rain = Nice day in

It's a crummy cold rainy day out there.  I so happy to be in my nice warm house.

I skipped church and took advantage of the solitude to clean the bathrooms while everyone else was there.  After that I started on other areas.  House is nice & tidy to start the week.

Inventoried/listed the items I culled from youngest's closet before dropping off at donation site, this will make it easier at tax time next year.

As I was cleaning out a drawer in my bathroom I came across a tube of bath&body works body creme lotion.  Very thick and super floral scented - but my skin as been so dry lately I'm going to use it up before going out to buy a new tub of eucerin (my winter go to product).  I think the kids gave it to me my birthday last year or in last christmas's stocking - perfect price & timing.

I'm planning on spending my evening with tea and PBS.

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