Friday, January 30, 2015

Have to have a plan

In 2 weeks I am leaving to chaperone a week long school trip.  That means that the next 2 weeks are going to be extremely busy for me.  Prepping clothes, helping the teacher get stuff ready.  It's going to be nuts!  I also have to prep for a meeting I'm going to miss- yet owe a report too, attend/run another meeting (hoping for snow so it gets cancelled), do general housework,  it is going to be really crazy.

I have to plan meals for these next 2 weeks or we are going to be eating a lot of cereal and takeout.

The last 2 days I didn't have a plan for dinners and just the thawed meat I had to stop & buy on the way home cost me $9 for 4 chicken breasts last night and $4.69 for a pack of turkey kielbasa girls tonight.  Those costs can't continue!  Tomorrow will find me culling the chest freezer for defrostibles and meals to make.

 I figure 2 weeks of crockpot should also whittle down the freezer so I will have room to put in some crockpot meal kits I found on Pinterest.

The plan behind this is to do a 'big shop & prep day' then I can have 20 crockpot/thaw & bake meals ready.  Then freeze them!

 I did this years ago, we went to a business where you and your girlfriends could go with a bottle of wine and assemble meals that you had pre-ordered and take home entrees!  It was fun, all the chopping was done for you, they had the aluminum pans and ziplock baggies, spices and labels with cooking instructions printed.  It wasn't too costly $9-12/entree for 4 - not when you figure all the shopping & prep work was done for you.  Especially when you consider that a chicken Parmesan dinner out is $14 for 1 entree.  Granted you still had to make a side dish, salad & bread to round out the meal - but still cheaper and healthier than dinner for 4 out at 99 or Applebee's/chilis or local diner or pizza place.  Plus it was a girls night out without the mom of young kids guilt.

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