Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Know Your Replacement Prices

Ouch!  That's what my checkbook said today.
Noticed during the holidays freezer side of the fridge wasn't as cold as usual (softer ice cream). Figured it was because it was stuffed full and air wasn't circulating as well - moved a few things out (ate them) then decided to clean out/purge freezer and wash things down - seemed to work fine after that.  For 3 weeks.  Noticed Monday I had a quart of softserve vanilla - called the appliance shop we buy from.  They sent a guy, condenser was super dusty - we vacuumed it off good then set everything back to normal settings & put a thermometer in.  Waited 24 hrs temp didn't get below 25.  Moved the frozen solid stuff to chest freezer - verdict: it's 14 years old & dying. Could be hundreds of $$s to repair - if they could find the coolant leak.   Last night I spent at HD & Sears looking at new fridges to see what I liked & don't like (other than the costs).  I knew I would buy from the local appliance guy (they've been great over the years - plus the take the dead one away free)

Today went and bought a new one.

Why the ouch?  Well, we had some $$ in the rainy day house money. the 14 years since we bought this one - who knew that a comparable model replacement would be almost twice what we paid for that one?  The way my kids eat and I cook - I couldn't go with a smaller one that's for sure.

I hope we get at least 14 years out of this new one - if so then it will average out fine.  Fingers crossed that nothing else in the kitchen croaks

Bottom line lesson learned & passing on to you all - if you are saving cash for a possible appliance replacement - keep up to date with prices to replace what you have - save accordingly.  Today I priced a cook top, wall oven & range and dishwasher - just in case....  Nothing lasts forever

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