Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lists & why the are critical

Lists, we all make them.  Some of us use our smartphones to store them, some use little notebooks, scraps of paper, envelopes or what have you.

I'm a huge list person.  I have a list on the fridge of things we run out of as we run out of, a list by the chest freezer (contents) - the idea behind that is to cross it off if you take it out to eat, I have lists in my phone too:  my parents dr info, family member sizes,  measurements for home items (tables, windows etc), there is also a notepad in my purse to write quick shopping lists on as I remember things while out.

My Sunday night/Monday mornings find me making a list of things that need to be accomplished during the week & deadlines.  Hubby laughs at me for all my lists, but I'm trying to volunteer at school, community & driving kids to practices and school & appointments AND manage the house.  I NEED my lists of stuff gets forgotten and not done.  I have found that always ends up costing me $$.

On my list today is:
Fill up car with gas
Post office (mail a package & get stamps)
Walmart:  restocking on lettuce and a couple items I forgot to get on Monday (didn't take my list!)
Kohls: birthday present for relative
Dollar Tree:  monthly trip - trying to limit my trips there
Sports practice

By writing this all down, I am able to see how I can combine my trips.  Gas and post office can be done on the way to get kids from school (no bus to their school). The shopping trips can be done while the oldest is at sports practice tonight, nearby that location.

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