Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Make Do

Today's theme is make do.
This came to me as I put on my socks. Odd timing you think?  Here is the back story.  I will wear socks until the elastic or soles wear out.  For this reason, I have few pairs of cutesie socks, but lots of utilitarian socks.  I tend to stick to ladies crew socks in black or white no shows.  I also buy them during tax free week when back to school stuff is happening.  This year I didn't need to restock so I didn't.  What's nice about this method is if one sock wears out before the other - there are always back up socks available.  Well thus week I lost (put to rest) 4 socks.  It was sad, but the went in pairs so they aren't lonely in the sock afterlife of  shop rags.  Bummer for me is now I'm down 2 pairs until another sale. So my choices are to figure out if I can make it through the winter until the next Tax free week in August or look for a sale on the ones I like now or suck it up and just pay what they cost.  Really a 1st world problem - but I'm trying NOT to spend money on things like this now.  Trying to be a squirrel and establish a bit of emergency cash on hand rather than just in the bank.

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