Saturday, January 17, 2015

Planning my Sunday

Wow what a busy day!  Up at 5:30 to get oldest up, fed, ready for a  school sporting event by this morning (45minutes away). Spent the day there ($3 at DD for my coffee), busy watching so I didn't go to the snack bar.  Couple of errands on the way home (dropping off stuff), then to a dinner function with the family.  Thankfully, no school Monday.   So far I have a busy Sunday planned, church, tidy up the house, look through grocery store flyers & make my lists (sales based, needs based & stock up based).  Maybe a trip to one grocery store, since it's supposed to rain tomorrow - that may just wait until Monday.

Need to work on some menu plans for the weeks ahead.  Pull stuff from the freezer and get some ideas from the family about what they want to see come out of the crock pot/oven for dinners - based on the extracurricular plans and practices.

I have one freezer (side-by-side) cleaned out and organize, need to get the chest freezer done.  A rainy day might be what I need to make me do this task.

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