Thursday, January 29, 2015

Where would you sell this?

Looking for input here - help a girl out

I went thru the youngest's closet culled 3 bags of outgrown & in good hand me down shape that were already donated.  A few local school team shirts & sweatpants to elementary school nurse for emergency changes, the rest to Salvation Army.

There was 1 large Rubbermaid tub left over.  These are items that are in great shape, as in hardly worn.  Since this child wears a uniform for school these were dress down days clothes, long sleeve no graphics shirts, golf shirts, jeans.    I would like to recoup some of the $, yet sell at a fair price.  In there are 2 winter coats too - one is like new, worn 3-4 times (bought on super clearance for child #1, before, darned growth spurt child #2 inherited  it a has a different growth pattern - also worn maybe 7-8 times). The other coat was bought to replace that mid season & now is too small.

I'm not trying to be cheap, but there are things in the kiddo's wardrobe that the $ would go towards replacing.  Also this kid is now too big for kids consignment stores (where I used to unload stuff like this)

I'm a little wigged out about craigslist or Facebook local TagSale pages - in my area people are snotty if they don't like your stuff - if they bother to show up and I don't have time for that nonsense.

Where do you all suggest?  What's worked for you?

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  1. I have made the most money and had the most success on my local FB yard sale sites. I plan my meet ups for when I am already out and I make it in a public parking lot as close to my house as possible to save me time and gas expense. I just ignore the snarky comments