Monday, March 2, 2015

Back to normal - a newish normal....

Last week found me battling a cold & exhaustion. & post school break re-entry to the real world, all while I prepped for my annual crafting girls getaway.  Today finds me with a snow day from school (thankfully).

I think physically I'm on the mend - the days of airborne, Zicam and many mugs of lemony tea did the trick.

Mentally I feel restored - amazing what a weekend away, crafting with the girls can do for your spirits - and all the meals were included.  I really need to do this more than once a year.

Today's snow day is what the kids and I both needed - these teens have been running around and need rest to stay healthy.  I have a meeting tonight so I love the no commute time  & can use that time go prep for the meeting.

This week is about getting the house back in order and running at peak financial condition - we let a few things slip and I want to get spending behaviors back on track before those become habits we need to break.  The menu plan board is back on the fridge for starters.

Wish me luck.

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