Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dammed Dams!

Well, my big fear of winter has reared it's head...again, we've gad this before and it's a total pain in the behind.

In the form of a drip over my shower (could be a worser location). It's an ice dam.  Hubs and I spent over an hour trying to clear the area that is a problem, cut channels to the gutters and put in the required ice melt - a total pain in the butt.  Hopefully this is the extent of the damage.  Getting a tea and slice of leftover pizza before going go the back of the house to re-roof rake the other problem area.  Then off to dollar tree to hopefully find pantyhose to put ice melt in and lay in the gutters.

Right now the area is clear and running like a faucet - I'm hoping Mother Nature sends us a kind slow melting spring soon so that the snow can get into the ground and not cause huge flooding issues.

If I ever win the lotto - I'm going to put a new roof on - with a steeper pitch and different gutter system.  And replace the 2 car garage with a 3 car garage, spot for each car and one section for all the other stuff that makes getting 2 cars in ours impossible.

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