Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finally some marked down produce!

I went to a Shop Rite that is out of my usual travels today (yes, a trip go Xpect and PriceRite were planned, but the best made plans usually get wacked out at the last minute). I was picking up my .29/# cabbage and carrots for next week.  Walked by the marked down produce cart as they were stocking it.  Picked up a box of white mushrooms 24 oz for $.99 and 50.6 ounce pack of zucchini for $.99!  I can see one of the zucchini needs a trim but for that price I'm ok with it.  I gave to seen it for less than $1.99/# lately.  

Also got some Ralston quick grits for $1.29 (same price as PriceRite), fab detergent was on sale this week, which was on my list for there too.  I just picked up 4 to keep my detergent stock where I like it.

Bummer was the carrots I bought are from Israel.  I try to buy veg grown in the US or Canada only - not a big deal, it wasn't a giant bag.

Did get a register coupon for free eggs before 3/28 with a $10 purchase.  Which I'm sure I will have before then - just must remember to use it.

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