Monday, March 23, 2015

Freezer Cleanout Cooking...

Borrowed the idea from Frugal Queen and her bottom of the freezer cooking post.
Hubby and I sorted the freezers (above the spare fridge & small chest) yesterday, we unearthed a couple packs ancient meats - of course they weren't dated and were heavily freezer burned looking - those were tossed out, along with some burger patties that were now white and ice crystals in the bag, undated so out!    But in the sort we came across a pack of drumsticks and a twin pack of Cornish game hens bought last winter.  The hens were $.98/#.  That's all thawed and cooking away in the crockpot - will debone when done and use for pot pie & soup this week.

We bought the hens (3-4 twin packs) thinking the kids would get a kick out of eating them - we both grew up eating them and it was a fancy 70s thing to have this little chicken on the plate.  Our kids were not impressed.  In fact the youngest was nearly in tears equating them to veal chickens - even though we assured this child these were fully grown birds.

Rather than waste them - they'll sub in for their larger cousins.  The drumsticks are in because I like dark meat in soup and there were only 4 in the pack.

Also saw in the freezer:
Pies from band fundraiser - dessert for Easter dinner done!
A few Banquet pot pies (the little ones)
3 Celeste individual pizzas (I will eat those for lunches or dinners next time they are all away)
2 OS Roaster birds
2# bag of shrimp - Easter appetizer done!
2 packs of ground turkey - taco soup night & 'meat' sauce
1 London broil in there....hoping I can get to the grill soon if the snow ever melts
2 packs of steak - again, stupid snow!
Hot dogs - weekend lunches

Will need a deal on frozen veggies soon - I have enough packs for this weeks dinners, then it's canned.


  1. I'm in Connecticut as well. My Stop and Shop had a sale this past week on Green Giant boxed frozen veggies 10/10. Don't know if that's a go to price for you or not but figured I would share!
    Love your blog by the way!

  2. Thanks TracyceeBee! I will have to check there tomorrow

  3. Due to us preparing to move we are trying to eat up our chest freezer food. Should be interesting as we start to get to the bottom :)