Monday, March 9, 2015

I have a Rite Aid trip to post about

Reading Sluggy and wondering how she does it....

I went to Rite Aid tonight while the oldest was at practice, I was thirsty & wanted to see if there was anything good from my list of needs on sale.
I came out with:
2 130 ct bottles NatureMade multi vitamins BOGO!  11.99 yay!
2 16oz bottles Lubriderm lotion BOGO 50% off so total of 8,49 & 4.25 (good for eczema child)
And a 16 oz bottle of chocolate milk for me
No bonus coupons but that's ok - those were some good deals for me so I'm happy.

I do have a growing list for Walmart, Aldi and Xpect - most likely Wednesday or Thursday.  Trying to push it out as much as possible.

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