Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mondays hens (still eating them)

Mondays freezer find of 2 Cornish game hens & 4 regular drumsticks  ala crock pot turned into chicken orzo stoup. It's like a thick soup.  Large dinner helpings for 4 of us, 2 lunch portions and 1 dinner portion tonight for me. I still have enough meat to make a chicken casserole for tomorrow night.

I'm amazed at how much meat was on those little birds.  Luckily for me I had a quart of crockpot chicken broth in the freezer to finish out the stoup with.  I didn't have a can or box of chicken broth in the pantry - shocker!!  Haven't been that impressed with the store bought stuff lately....

We did pasta and frozen meatballs last night kids had those leftovers tonight - doing what I can to eliminate throwing food away , My pet peeve.

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  1. I love seeing how far roasted chicken can be stretched too! You did an amazing job with those little hens and extra pieces! As for the making crock pot stock, Carol over at CT on a Budget inspired me to finally try it myself a few months ago. I haven't bought another box or can of chicken broth since!