Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The list groweth!

My shopping list is growing still.
It was one full side (2columns) of a steno pad sheet (my favorite list paper).  Today it increased to a page and a half, on the back.  Since Thursday will be my big shop day 2-3 stores on top of regular errands near the capital I need to have a game plan.

Some of the items added today were ziplock baggies - I've run thru my stash bought on sale with a great coupon that doubled from last year.  I'm out of freezer bags in both sizes, snack bags and sandwich bags.  Also running low on kitchen trash bags.
Totally out of parchment paper, about 10 ft of plastic wrap, 1/2 roll of foil, out of white vinegar, Clorox regular and clorox2.

That just the non edibles: that list is on the front of the page.  Trying to sub in as many pantry items as possible - but out of shape pasta, yet have 5 boxes of no bake lasagna sheets (it's on the menu now).  Need to pick up cold cereal, pretzels for lunches, fruit, fresh veg, St Paddys meal ingredients.

I haven't had a proper trip to the grocer since early January so this is going to hurt the wallet.  We've been eating down the freezers, pantry and just stopping to get dairy and a few fresh veg.  It's good but still, hopefully if don't faint at the register.

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  1. We will be moving soon so I too am cleaning out my freezer. So far so good. We will see how it goes towards the end :)