Friday, March 20, 2015

This is Spring?

I think the calendar printers goofed....we have 5" of new snow!
Hubby and I HAD to go out and shop for an event tomorrow when he got home from work.  It was extremely slick on 95 as we got home.  No more than 30 mph.

It's been a super busy week here - I see next week being more of the same -

At least when it's busy like this I don't have time to spend cash - the silver lining.

Next week includes a trip to the vet (that essentially takes up the day), school runs, mountains of paperwork to complete and pass along to the new task doers (volunteer stuff I'm unvolunteering from), hubby traveling for work, completion of an art project for a different volunteer gig and meeting to Help plan a fundraiser.  (One day I'm going to just show up with a monetary donation and just enjoy myself while others do the rushing around)

Hopefully I will have some super cool posts about a fantastic bargain I found along the way....

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