Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Unexpected trips

One kiddo home sick = unexpected trip down 95.  Just some nasty virus - hope there is minimal sharing to occur here.

Since I was driving by the Xpect in EastHaven we stopped - oranges and bread.  Also grabbed some green grapes for the oldest child.

Saw they had RE brand twin fleece blankets for 4.99/ea.  we are truly all set with fleece blankets but these are nice ones.  They had bunches of them in either red or black.  I passed but I would let you all know.    They are the ones that usually sell at Target for much much more.

Looked but didn't see Any signs posted about when that store will be closing...


  1. Sorry about the sick kiddo! =( It's good to know there's an open Xpect in East Haven. I know the one in North Haven closed a good year plus ago. I will sometime visit the one in Milford if I am in the area doing errands. I wonder if that one is still open or on it's way out.

  2. According to an article in the NH register all the ones in CT will be closing within the year :-(. A total pain for me - I love getting a bargain.

    Carol at CT on a Budget posted it first. The one in Danbury is already closed....