Thursday, April 23, 2015

BJs heartbreak

Alright, maybe I'm being dramatic...just a tab bit, BUT my coffee is being messed with!
Don't mess with my coffee!  I only have 2 cups/day. They're important to me & the functioning of my family.

I prefer the San Francisco Coffee company rainforest blend of coffee pods.  I usually brew it as a 14 ounce cup - I drink it black so I'm looking for quantity and flavor.  Where does a Bjs come in?  They have for the last year or more been my best price place and 80 pods for $28.99 was a good price for the flavor I like.  Then there is the face those pods don't have as much plastic as the other more common k-cups.  Well, today I went and there were none!  Not even on the pallets stacked up high, I asked.  Seems they aren't going to carry that kind most likely - boo!  I came home with the BJs brand of plastic k-cups 100 for 37.99 - they better not suck!

I also liked the other kind because I could easily compost the coffee from the rainforest blend - I would cut the bottom off into the compost bin - less trash.  I have this thingy called a java jig by melitta but, I haven't been able to get the grind just right and it's more work than it was worth.

If these new pods don't measure up then I will start searching for a cheap source of the ones I do like or the correct grind for the java jig for my tastes.

Who else has had a store cease to arty what they like at all?


  1. I have been having trouble finding my husband's favorite coffee around here now - Green Mountain's Lake and Lodge! My go to stores no longer carry it I guess. Next time we take our trip to Vermont we will have to stop at a Green Mountain Shop and stock up! LOL
    Just a thought (you probably have tried this already) but have you tried to google your favorite coffee? Maybe you can buy it on the internet?
    Good luck!

  2. I bought the BJ's k-cups on my last visit. JMO but for me they are just ok. We were buying the Maxwell House (dh liked those) but I needed a change. We'll either go back to MH next time or I will look for something else.