Monday, April 13, 2015

Busy week here - not much to write about....

It's been a busy few days here on the Frugality frontline.
And it promises to be another week of up to my eyeballs busy - there isn't much to report on, it's been days of planning meals, keeping an eye on utility use.

On the grocery front - I used the in ad coupons at shoprite this week & stuck to my list - until I walked past the bakery section.  Then a loaf of fresh Italian bread followed me home ;-). It was yummy!

My kids are on vacation this week so we had to have snacks and more fruit in the house & more milk.

While they are home they will be cleaning their rooms sorting through the closets - I'm sure a bag or 2 of donations will come of it - I hope there are anyway.

I think this could be my only chance for a post this week - since I'm going to put my nose to the grindstone and get stuff done and not spend this week...

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