Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cooking dairy free - help!

Hubby has determined that lactose is what causes his tummy troubles.  Having had a serious bout with lactose intolerance for my college years (and a few times after) I can sympathize to a degree.  He is off all dairy - cow or goat, and lactose free.  Even plain yogurt and Parmesan cheese!  Good for him figuring it out - we knew this was a possibility after his last appointment.  Weirdly for me mine resolved after having my kids - like pregnancy was a reset button.

Where that becomes a problem for me and the kids is more homemade Mac&Cheese or casseroles involving cream of anything soup nights unless I feel like cooking 2 meals - seeing as those are my quickie dinners having to cook 2 doubles my time - not happening!

Now I have to figure out how to change over family favorites to satisfy all tummies and palettes.  I'm up for the challenge - just not the griping and whining I will be subjected to as the family cook.
There's a little resentment too - since I never required a whole house change when I was doing weight watchers.

Now it's 2 kinds of butter in the house vegan spread $4/tub! (he likes it, I think it's NASTY tasting) and real butter in sticks.  We tried this vegan 'mozzarella cheese'(another yuck from me and kids - he said it wasn't that bad).   And 2 kinds of milk (cow & unsweetened almond).

I told him I'm not buying special ice cream - too bad, have a banana!

Anyone have some good swap outs for dairy in casseroles?


  1. Couldn't you use Lactaid milk as a substitute?

  2. Has your dh tried the lactaid pills, they didn't help my son but might work for him. Cheryl

  3. We also use the stores brand of lactaid milk, more expensive than regular milk but no stomach cramping and pain for my son. Cheryl