Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dairy Free Casserole report

It's been a super busy week for our family. Kids have had things everyday after school. And evening things. So I tried some casserole adaptations to accommodate hubby's dairy free needs and not have to make 2 dinners.

First up was shepards pie adaptation. Used smart balance spread in place of butter, drained the potato water into a bowl just in case. Then used some beef broth in place of the milk.

Worked well. Quite tasty

Tonight was chickenpox pit with stovetop as the topper. Again Smart balance in place of butter and I used an Aldi cream of chicken soup with water to thin it.   This soup has less than 2% cream in it. Better than the packets if chicken gravy mix where you add water, the first ingredient on that was lactose - not good at all.   I'm not home to try it since I'm at a school thing. I'm sure if it doesn't taste good they will let me know. Still trying to find some other things to try.   The idea of cooking a meat and 2 veg dinner every night is a real drag - especially when I'm stuck for time.

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  1. This woman's blog might give you some info for your dietary restrictions: