Saturday, April 4, 2015

Darned Socks

Not as in darned I don't like these socks....

More, I love these Merino wool socks so much they were darned today :-).   I wear clogs a lot and they are great for my back but youth on my socks.  I bought 3 pairs of merino blend socks are Ocean State Job Lot and I love them.  So you can imagine how bummed I was to see they were  starting to wear at the heal and ball of my foot.  I attempted to darn one pair today.

Problem, no darning egg.  Internet search recommends an incandescent light bulb great idea - but I have none - everything here is now cfl.  Enter a lacrosse ball!  Worked great, and, it's a hard rubber so there was minimal slippage once it was in place.  I darned one pair and will wear them this week to see how it feels before taking the time for the other pairs in need.

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