Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gathering boxes

Gathering boxes for the Townwide tag sale at the end of May.  In those boxes will go gleanings from operation Declutter the house.  1st room on the list is the old playroom - it's to become a workshop/craft room for ME!  I grabbed some good ones at BJs this week to pack my purchases in - they're ready to be filled.

I've determined this year that I'm over having the kids build school projects on the dining room table - or at the end and we have to squeeze to the other side to eat a meal.  Nope - I'm clearing that space - Then if a project needs to dry or a break is needed between steps it can sit on the table out there.  

 The room needs nothing but a good sort/purge, vacuuming and moving my crafty stuff to it - from the 2 locations in the house.  Those craft items will also get a hearty purging - it's time!

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