Friday, April 3, 2015

Grocery store adventure - teaching hubby

Today hubby went to big y with me.  Of course we spent more than I would have alone - but I'm ok with it.  He looked thru the flyer this morning and asked questions...seemed shocked that off the top of my head I knew that the toothpaste in the flyer while a good deal, wasn't te best deal since the bigger tube is only 30 cents more at Walmart.  Once we got to the store I reminded him that some of the B1G2 sales weren't great deals.  As we went to get frozen veggies I found the last chance sale shelf! WooHoo!  Picked up 2 bottles of top are brand color care shampoo for $1.69 each.  I figure if I don't grind it works well enough the kids will use it - they aren't picky.  Key for me is knowing where in the store it's located :-)
There were probably a dozen bottles of 'bold' flavor store brand steak sauce for $.39 each.  If it were regular I would have grabbed several, but the youngest doesn't like the bold flavor so I skipped.

Still pretty happy though

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