Thursday, April 9, 2015

Serious lack of motivation here

It's gray and raw out there  not terribly spring like.  Finding it difficult to gather the motivation to do much - but drink tea and look longingly for spring out the windows.  Yet the list of things that need to be done is growing longer and longer,the good thing is most of this list will not cost me one red cent to complete and cross off the list.

The snow is nearly all melted from my yard and I'm hoping if we get some sun I can see some greenness come back to the grass.  As it looks today I think we may have lost a size able chunk of grass area to root consumption (grubs eat roots).  Time to order an organic treatment - that will totally send the neighbor into a tail spin, "Mr Chemlawn" already has spoken to us about the dandelions from last year (he hates them - I reminded him that they are the first food for bees in the spring and I don't use chemical pesticides). We live near the town lake and a cedar swamp which eventually feeds a brook feeding the CT River and that water then travels to LI Sound.  There is more than my lawn at stake here!

On my list today

  1. Gather supplies for teaching a class on Saturday - church thing
  2. Fold laundry (God it never ends!)
  3. Call junkyard about the dead minivan (we aren't fixing or selling it's that dead)
  4. Research potential organic additives for lawn (milky spore/beneficial nematodes/pellitized lime)
  5. Stop at Agway for pet food & lawn additives research prices ideas
  6. Cook something for dinner fresh.  We've been in LOB mode since Sunday! 
  7. Possibly sort thru my tshirts.  The drawer is too full - need to purge some I think 

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  1. Good for you for balancing being "frugal" with being environmentally conscience. I can't believe your neighbor gave you grief about dandelions! Does he have nothing better to do than worry about a few spreading into his yard? Geesh!
    Lacking motivation here too and I'm blaming the weather as well. Hang in there - I heard we in Connecticut will be treated to mid sixties starting Sunday through at least the beginning of next week! =)