Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend review

I'm borrowing Mama Fish's idea....I too have a quiet morning (meeting at church later in the day). I have a load of whites in the dryer and a load on the racks that needs to be folded but I'm taking a quick break...
Middle of yesterday found the kids and I  attending an Eagle Scout ceremony in town.  We came home after and I zonked out on the sofa for nearly 3 hours, still trying to determine if I'm needing to switch allergy meds or if this is a nasty spring cold - the symptoms are the same for me in spring.

The kids entertained themselves with various quiet activities and hubby is out of town this weekend so it was nice and loafy here.  Dinner was a take & bake pizza ala Walmart I picked up Friday afternoon for the weekend.

After dinner it was a marathon of folding laundry and catching up on tv thanks to on demand thru cable.

Today's list includes - getting kids to put away their own laundry, work on homework for the oldest, change/clean the pets cage, attend my meeting in the afternoon, pour over the grocery ads and make my plan of attack for the week. I've been craving cowboy caviar & avocado on a bed of lettuce - hopefully the ingredients are on sale this week.

I will be so happy when it is finally really spring and the pollen settles down, I know it will get worse soon- I would love to hang the washing outside soon.

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