Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where did the week go?

Zip zip zip...  Where is the week going?  I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already.  Last week I was away Wednesday evening - Sunday night on some volunteer training and now it's almost Wednesday again!

Of course there is tons of washing folding and putting away to catch up on - but the kids school has a music competition this upcoming weekend - so I will be helping to prep for that at school.

I was at church today for a quick minute to check on something - and they are setting up for the rummage sale - did a quick nose poke around - didn't see anything spectacular - which us good since I should be cleaning out here.

I may head back tomorrow though- with some donations and to buy the bread loaf pans they had - great shape $1 each!  There were tons of cake pans too - I should dig out some of the character ones I have  here and drop them off - I think I bought them there a while ago anyhow.

Otherwise it's just run run run.
Tomorrow needs to be a paperwork & laundry day - desperately so

At least it's a frugal activity :-)

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