Sunday, May 31, 2015

IGA Trip

After hubby and I got home from the weekend away, I had to run out for a few things for dinner.
Stopped at the local IGA took advantage of the 10-$10 sale.  Picked up 10 cans of baked beans, 10 boxes of Kraft Mac-n-cheese (teen request) 10 bags of steam in bag frozen veg.
And 2 bags of iceberg salad mix also 10/$10 but that's a ton of lettuce

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Grown up time away

Not ignoring the blog world - away fir a couple days if grown up time w hubby

Monday, May 25, 2015

Grocery Run

Took advantage of a nice afternoon and hit shop rite for groceries.  $117 later!
Not bad. We were completely out of fresh fruit & veg here and block cheddar.  I stocked up on a few things.
8 packs Borden cheese blocks (limit of 2 varieties) $1.99 each 8oz block
2 1/2 gallons of Tree Ripe OJ 1.99 ea
2 1/2 gallons almond milk 2.99 ea
32 oz carton plain greek yogurt (I eat this with frozen berries the kids didn't like)
Seedless watermelon
Green bell peppers
Grape tomatos
Zucchini and yellow squash
Romaine hearts (6 for 3.99 - best deal for salads this week)
corn chex and hn Cheerios 2.49 ea
4 cans B&M baked beans 1.49/can. Best price they had (still higher than I like but we've been out a while)
4 Colgate toothpaste .77/tube (flight size hubby travels with/kids for camp)
London broil family pack (2 slabs) 2.49/# with card. Bought 2 packs.  They are re-packed & in freezer sliced and frozen with fajita marinade the other has teriyaki.  Froze them into 4 packs of equal weight approx 2# each.

I skipped on the tide special - I think I have a coupon here for that & there's 4 days left on the sale

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time to play Catch-up!

Play?  No, more like work hard at Catch-up!  The last month has been really out of the ordinary busy for our family.  We have all had things pulling us in many directions - out of our usual orbit.  This meant that for me way more driving as my kiddos aren't old enough to do that yet.   Hubby's work load has gotten heavier and actually he has been called in again today - this so rarely happens it's weird  when he isn't home on the weekend.

Today has youngest wrapping up a school project, oldest will work on stuff for English class, me on the never ending laundry/house cleaning.  Tomorrow finds us at the parade since both kids are marching.   I'm really looking forward to the summer school break in 2 weeks so the hamster wheel slows down a bit at least.  We've been going so much I do go have the patio furniture out yet - maybe the kids will assist with that this afternoon.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Frugal shopping day

Today was tag sale day for me.  Out and about I stopped at one, and totally scored a nearly perfect Pyrex 9x13 pan in blue but I don't cage. It's in awesome shape & mine for $3.
A couple years ago I had one that cracked as I took it out of the oven and it's replacement is ok, but not Pyrex brand so it works but isn't my favorite.

There was a Ton of stuff at the sale but this was the only thing that caught my eye.  It was a good day :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Busy! Holy moly!

I've had a busy week - started last week and darned if it isn't Wednesday tomorrow!
Tis the season, for end of the year mayhem.  Music concert & art show & musical at school followed by final exams and playing at graduation for oldest child's brass group, all sprinkled with end of the year projects and homework.  It's a huge hamster wheel of mayhem.  I'll survive, the budget will to (I hope).

Tomorrow I have loads of little things on the list: emails to send, papers to scan & do follow up on, health food store to stop in at, goodwill to drop a bag of stuff off, veggies to buy, kiddos to shuttle back & forth to school.

Meals are take what's made. There Is canned tuna and pb&j  too

Monday, May 11, 2015

Goal:keep them alive

My Mother's Day flower baskets.  The goal for the next few weeks is to keep them alive.  I received 3 large hanging baskets of flowers.  One of which will hang in the maple tree near the patio since it needs partial shade - that means I need to get an iron hook at ocean state job lot this week.
Flowers fear me or loathe me - never had any great luck keeping them going all summer.

Wish us all luck - I have high hopes that this could be the success year

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Staying on one side of town all day

I had a haircut today and that's on the same part of the county as the kids school. That means I stayed in the area to watch my mileage/fuel consumption.

In doing so I wound up doing a couple errands before the appointment.
Target - picked up a couple things we were running out of
And a new door mat. And kill some time (had a nice wander around and found nothing good that wasn't on my list - not a bad thing)

Shop rite needed rotel tomatoes and tomato sauce and bell peppers for tonight's dinner
Also picked up fruit since we had just finished the last we had in the house.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oh sooo boring!

Things have been so busy here that life has gotten very boring on my posts - sorry, I can't see how blogging about my daily runs up and down 95 could possibly be exciting - they bore me to tears.

Good news is - there us only a month left to school and one of my responsiblities will greatly diminish in June - that means I can purge my house of the clutter that comes with that gig (and the paperwork too)

I made some decisions about the old playroom that will be turning into a crafting/projects room.
Once the room is clear of clutter etc I can decide if I want a large craft table (putting longer legs on the kids old train table that hubby built - the covering the top with sheet Formica.  Or if I want to sell that and invest in an old drafting table.  I love the idea of tilting the top while I work and have been looking at them on craigslist ads.
This is all after I've purged the room though - while the kids are at camp that's where ther furniture will stay while I paint the bedrooms.