Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Busy! Holy moly!

I've had a busy week - started last week and darned if it isn't Wednesday tomorrow!
Tis the season, for end of the year mayhem.  Music concert & art show & musical at school followed by final exams and playing at graduation for oldest child's brass group, all sprinkled with end of the year projects and homework.  It's a huge hamster wheel of mayhem.  I'll survive, the budget will to (I hope).

Tomorrow I have loads of little things on the list: emails to send, papers to scan & do follow up on, health food store to stop in at, goodwill to drop a bag of stuff off, veggies to buy, kiddos to shuttle back & forth to school.

Meals are take what's made. There Is canned tuna and pb&j  too

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