Monday, May 25, 2015

Grocery Run

Took advantage of a nice afternoon and hit shop rite for groceries.  $117 later!
Not bad. We were completely out of fresh fruit & veg here and block cheddar.  I stocked up on a few things.
8 packs Borden cheese blocks (limit of 2 varieties) $1.99 each 8oz block
2 1/2 gallons of Tree Ripe OJ 1.99 ea
2 1/2 gallons almond milk 2.99 ea
32 oz carton plain greek yogurt (I eat this with frozen berries the kids didn't like)
Seedless watermelon
Green bell peppers
Grape tomatos
Zucchini and yellow squash
Romaine hearts (6 for 3.99 - best deal for salads this week)
corn chex and hn Cheerios 2.49 ea
4 cans B&M baked beans 1.49/can. Best price they had (still higher than I like but we've been out a while)
4 Colgate toothpaste .77/tube (flight size hubby travels with/kids for camp)
London broil family pack (2 slabs) 2.49/# with card. Bought 2 packs.  They are re-packed & in freezer sliced and frozen with fajita marinade the other has teriyaki.  Froze them into 4 packs of equal weight approx 2# each.

I skipped on the tide special - I think I have a coupon here for that & there's 4 days left on the sale

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  1. You did great with the overall amount you spent for what you got!!! I haven't been to ShopRite in a while since the closest is one town over and I don't ever seem to have errands to run in that particular section of town.
    I thought of you and Carol last week when we drove by the Xpect in (I think) East Haven. That's the one right off the highway right? Did they close yet? I didn't pay attention to the parking lot, only saw the sign. LOL