Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Oh sooo boring!

Things have been so busy here that life has gotten very boring on my posts - sorry, I can't see how blogging about my daily runs up and down 95 could possibly be exciting - they bore me to tears.

Good news is - there us only a month left to school and one of my responsiblities will greatly diminish in June - that means I can purge my house of the clutter that comes with that gig (and the paperwork too)

I made some decisions about the old playroom that will be turning into a crafting/projects room.
Once the room is clear of clutter etc I can decide if I want a large craft table (putting longer legs on the kids old train table that hubby built - the covering the top with sheet Formica.  Or if I want to sell that and invest in an old drafting table.  I love the idea of tilting the top while I work and have been looking at them on craigslist ads.
This is all after I've purged the room though - while the kids are at camp that's where ther furniture will stay while I paint the bedrooms.

1 comment:

  1. Oooooh! I absolutely LOVE the idea of the old drafting table! Plus it will add so much character to the room!
    Glad all is well there!