Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time to play Catch-up!

Play?  No, more like work hard at Catch-up!  The last month has been really out of the ordinary busy for our family.  We have all had things pulling us in many directions - out of our usual orbit.  This meant that for me way more driving as my kiddos aren't old enough to do that yet.   Hubby's work load has gotten heavier and actually he has been called in again today - this so rarely happens it's weird  when he isn't home on the weekend.

Today has youngest wrapping up a school project, oldest will work on stuff for English class, me on the never ending laundry/house cleaning.  Tomorrow finds us at the parade since both kids are marching.   I'm really looking forward to the summer school break in 2 weeks so the hamster wheel slows down a bit at least.  We've been going so much I do go have the patio furniture out yet - maybe the kids will assist with that this afternoon.

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