Friday, June 5, 2015

Aldi run

Had errands up north today that had me driving right by aldi.  Stopped in and picked up a few items.  No list and limited cash kept me to $25.63
10#. Bag russets 2.99
5 bags chocolate chips. 1.59/ea  (summer baking)
3 bags milk chocolate chips (chocolate snacking ang for trail mix) 1.59/ ea
2pints blue berries 1.29/ea (for my yogurt)
1box aldi cornflakes 1.49
Bag of lime chips 1.49
1pack   tortellini  1.29
Aldi A1sauce .95. Hope it's good - we like it on burgers
Box of snack baggies

Made lots of mental notes on prices - have to really watch $$ this summer - already had an unexpected car expense - a biggie!

1 comment:

  1. Even without a list, you did GREAT in Aldi! But, I guess having a limited amount of money in your wallet will do that! LOL Sorry to hear about the car expense! My Malibu has been limping along on its last leg for about two years! Let us know about the Aldi A1 - that's a great price so if it's good, I would definitely grab a bottle myself!