Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dollar Tree!

Wow, spent the most I have in ages at Dollar Tree this morning. $17.04!
4 boxes of Scottie's tissues
6 Fathers Day cards
2 graduation cards
1qt hydrogen peroxide
3 bags of chex mix
2 3pks of jif peanut butter singles (good price & perfect for backpacking for the kids)
1 container of "gold bond" powder (backpacking item in a recycled spice shaker cut with some cornstarch)
1 container of chili powder (ran out making taco mix last month)

I didn't have any tissue coupons - but the pollen is killing me this year - I didn't care since I opened our last box last night.

Tomorrow is a Goodwill day - couple things have made my list of things to find for the kids for summer....

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