Monday, June 15, 2015

Gotta love FB Tagsale

This weekend I noticed that a lady in town was selling an elliptical trainer - something I've wanted since my spine can't handle jogging any more.  We have a treadmill but I can't even run on that just walk...which can get really boring every day, especially in winter - even while watching tv.

Well being watchful of my $$ I refused to buy a brand new one. So I've been looking for a decent basic one on craigslist - but I'm kinda wimpy and don't like the idea of going to strangers homes (too much news watching).

 This weekend this lady in town listed one on the Facebook tag sale in our area - I messages her, went today and came home with it.  Kids helped me unload it from the truck and it's ready for tomorrow's inaugural workout.  It's just what I wanted, and well within my budget.  Way cheaper than going to the gym in town too!

I'm really happy I took my time and waited!  Plus I know the person selling it.

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  1. Wish I knew you were looking for one! We have one in our basement that was a hand me down from my mom (who barely used it)! I can't use it because it does something wonky to my spinal MS lesions and my legs go completely the thing is just sitting in the basement next to our treadmill taking up space. Maybe I'll see if our town has a facebook tag sale page too!