Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Summer & a New Look

Happy Summer!  Today was glorious outside!  I didn't get any laundry hung out since I had to drive almost an hour away for an appointment and was feeling that Murphy's Law would strike.  It's all on the racks down stairs drying away.

I took some time with my coffee to update the look of my blog a little - since it's summer. (I've used this template before)

Meals were cooked at home from the freezer/fridge or leftovers today.  There was one exception. Hubby picked up milk, French bread and squash for dinner tonight - which was fine.  Items on my list for the week.

Tomorrow has me at another dr appointment for the kids - should be a quick one.  Hoping to stop at the local Sherwin Williams for sample cards too.  Then I need to ride (encourage) them to do their summer reading for school so I can return the books to the library in case another student needs them.  And it will be nice to get it done!

I konmari'd my tshirt drawer over the weekend - it didn't take as long as I thought it would.  Did it while I Caught up on an episode of Game of a thrones using the hbo freeview that cable was running.

I'm hoping to make a dent in the playroom this week - if not this weekend.  It will be easier for them to weed out their bedrooms if that room is clean.  They can use the old train table as a staging/sorting area, but first I have to just bite the bullet & make a run through the room as a first sort - trying to get them to will be way go difficult for all 3 of us.  I had a dream of a drafting table going in there as my Scrapbooking nook workspace and saw a nice basic one at the habitat restore last week - if it's still there after I get the room clean, it's meant to be.


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