Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pantry questions - looking for advice

I weeded thru the pantries today (our kitchen is small so some stuff lives in a cupboard in the mud room) there are some questionable items - advice sought from readers....

Here is what I tossed in the trash - makes me mad - since it's tossing $ but it would cost more in dr bills if we got sick from any of it

Half a large container of Fluff  it was a rock - bought last fall I one likes it :-)
Half a box of cheapy spaghetti - why only half a box was cooked I don't know
2 half boxes of no bake lasagna noodles - this made me mad
1/2 pound of decaf ground coffee - smelled off/old
8 packs of microwave popcorn (sell by date was 2011) I tried one as a snack - Yucko!  Oil was rancid
1 cut steel cut oats (rancid smelling)
1 large bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce (sell by date 2010) probably fine - but not a flavor we like (I have more of one we do and an awesome homemade recipie)
2 bags of specialty pancake mix both dated 2012 and both have nuts in the mix....tossed without smelling for rancidness
2 jars fat free turkey gravy - too risky dated 2011
1.5 pounds brown rice dared April 15 but smelled very very rancid!  Have to store that in the freezer
1 partial quart homemade granola from a relative (no one here liked the flavor)

Here are the questionable you think they are safe to eat or should I toss 'em?
2 jars of pickle relish (dated 2012)
6 cans carnation evaporated milk (dated 2013) - bought for baking on super duper sale I'm sure...
Bottle of yellow mustard (dated 2011)

I do feel better having gone through this today...I feel like I have a better grip on what's in the pantries and all the shelves are wiped down and I used my label maker to label the mudroom shelves.  I have an idea of things I will be cooking up this week to velar out the pantry space too.

#1 tule of food storage is store what you eat and eat what you store - just have to be better about the practice of it!

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  1. Update : tossed the evaporated milk and mustard.