Sunday, June 7, 2015

Planning - why it's important

Let's face it, a day without a plan can turn into a good thing or a really bad thing.
I'm trying to be better about making realistic plans - those ones where I know I can succeed, it eliminates feeling irritated when things don't get finished or go sideways (which with busy teens it can happen)
So far here's how the week ahead looks -

Monday - clean something in the house and do laundry.  Can't say just what will get cleaned/purged as there are so many areas to get under control with the end of school busy days - my allergies also will play into this too.

Tuesday - dentist appointments for kids & clean something else

Wednesday - dr appointment for kids, volunteer meeting in the evening - probably grocery shopping day

Thursday - sports awards potluck -

Friday - more cleaning!  We have a lot of de-cluttering to do before the kids go to camp (I'm painting their bedrooms while they are gone)

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