Monday, June 22, 2015

Rough Weather coming - getting ready

It is officially hurricane season in CT.  Just saw on the news we could have damaging thunderstorms tomorrow.  Depending on when the rain comes - it will determine my errands on the way home from the kids appointment.

This is my Public Service Announcement - have your emergency plans in place - easy to or no cook foods ready.  Those who have lived thru Gloria, Hugo, Irene and Sandy - not to mention the great summer blackout of 2002 and's easier to prep a little at a home than all at once.

If it's stormy you can bet I'll be filling pans with water for washing, filling the tub to flush, and the during cooler jugs to drink...just in case


  1. Funny, I was thinking this same thing this morning!

    1. Never hurts to be a little prepared, I even filled the pets extra water bottle just in case (there are 2 in the cage now)

  2. I even saw the potential for an isolated tornado - all I could think was "Oh boy - here we go!" Great advice to start getting ready for the season!