Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday to myself!

My kids have been home from school for the past week.  And of course until all the summer activities get into full swing they've been hanging out with each other.  Mostly getting along but also a fair amount of squabbling that makes me so mad I want to lock myself in my bedroom for a time out.

Today they are away all day :-). Hubby is off for the day and I'm alone - it's so peaceful and quiet.  I could tackle one of the many many many Decluttering home organizing tasks - and I might....after I blog, and watch Orange is the New Black with my coffee.

I will probably venture out to Shoprite....and BJs later in the afternoon.   But for now I will enjoy the free silence.

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  1. I'm gearing up for the kids to be home soon! Thursday is their last day but Guppy 1 will be home crazy hours this week since it's finals -- some days she will be home by 9:30 am! Other days she goes in at 9:30 and will be home by noon! I just looked at Papa today and said that I wasn't sure how well I would be able to keep the house up with the gremlins home! =)