Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Unexpected laundry deal

The morning I needed to go to Home Depot to look for a light fixture for one of the kiddos bedroom. As I walked in there was a table of Super  Clearance laundry products - yay!
I picked up, 2 50 load bottles of Method detergent for 3.33 each and 1 bottle of Downey unstoppable in wash scent booster for 1.33!

The detergent was a great deal, I tried it once when it was on sale and used a coupon, but still was pricer than I Could afford regularly.

The Unstopables - not something I would normally use - but, I have some little organza sachet bags I want to fill with these and toss into the camper while it is being stored.  I did try some in a load of bath towels and they smell awesome out of the dryer - maybe one/some of those sachets will make it into the linen closet too - rather than in the wash.  Since hubby and kiddos didn't like the lavender ones I used to put in there....

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  1. THAT is an amazing price for Method detergent! Lucky find!!