Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Xpect Results

Well, I went over my $20 limit yesterday - but there was a good reason.
1.  My list was longer than I remembered it being
2.  Darned close out merchandise got me.

Close out purchase was a pack of puppy pads (they are used to line our pet cage - under the fleece bedding). I usually get them at Ocean State Job Lot for 9.99/pack.  Xpect had one pack left for 6.99!   I would have grabbed 2 if they had them.

As to my list being longer, I forgot that we were out of 1st aid ointment, I found a coupon for my Deoderant on the shelf so bought more than the 1 I went in for, my hairspray coupon was expired - I'm totally out so had to buy it.  Also they had the low sodium mild flavor taco mix that hubby likes so I grabbed 8 packs - it's never at the grocery store near us.  Also picked up some fruit because the price was great and quality was good.

Not disappointed since I was only $8 over my target $ amount.


  1. Love Xpect! It's going to suck when they are all out of CT!

  2. Right?! Although I did ask my cashier that yesterday - the ones I do to are always busy and well stocked with products. She said she heard it was the end of the year, but maybe not - they might not close that store (Cromwell). I hope they don't -