Friday, July 31, 2015

On break

Super Duper Busy for the next 2 days....check back Sunday :-). Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aldi Run

As I was out and about today, the kiddos reminded me we were running low on smoothie ingredients.  Quick trip to Aldi fixed that.
2 quarts vanilla yogurt 1.89 ea
1 gal milk 2.99
Bananas .39/#
2 bags of frozen berry mix 2.99 ea
That should hold them until the leave for their trip on Sunday.  It must be growth spurt time.

Also grabbed
1 box pop tarts (travel snack)
3 bags of bagle chips (travel snacks)
1 pack boneless skinless chicken thighs 2.49/#
1 pack of chicken breast tenders 2.99/# (no regular breasts today)
1 vanilla extract bottle
2 packs of mints

Chicken was marinated and all grilled off for tonight's dinner and planned over for tomorrow's dinner

Not bad. Under $35

Intervention Needed!

I'm embarrassed to admit it.  I think I need a laundry detergent intervention. Or a detergent 12 Step program.  I had no idea the stockpile got so big.
I counted up all the jugs of laundry detergent I have (in the drawers under the washer & dryer). I have a problem.  According to the load counts on the bottles I have enough detergent in the laundry room to wash 363 loads of laundry - before running out.

I feel like Sluggy and her Cheese.

Keep in mind - all detergent is bought on Super Sale/loss leaders and sometimes with a coupon on top of that.
There are Fab, Dynamo, Ajax - all bought for around $2 jug. All from ShopRite
There are Method Ultra Concentrate from Home Depot on a Super Duper Clearance for $3.33 each
There is All which was 2/$5 at ShopRite with a stacked coupon
Then there is the new jug of Persil Power Pearls which wasn't on sale but had a $1 off coupon attached.

The fab, dynamo & Ajax are fine for normal soils or whites when I toss in bleach too.
The all is great for the pet bedding (it's fragrance free/sensitive formula)
The Method is my personal favorite - cleans really well and it's pump top means I don't over pour.  I will be measuring out and reusing that container when it's all gone - that will include re-labeling so the teens can use it and not waste any of the 363 loads of detergent {now it's a challenge for me to get the published number from each jug}.

I will reserve comment on the Persil until the load of colors I'm washing in warm is done and next week I will wash a load of my clothes in cold with it before the full review is written up.  Y'all just have to come back for the write up from my unofficial lab, err laundry room.

After having my washer for 4+ years I have decided that powdered detergent is what is needed for the timer loads - the ones that I set on timer to run at 3 or 4 am so I can save on electricity.  The book suggested it but I never saw that fine print until last week.  The liquids would run all over the clothes and into the drum before the wash cycle - clothes were clean enough but I'm hoping this method will be better.  I have 2 bags of the dry pods in the over all count to test that theory with, plus the Persil jug.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New to Me Product

New to me - it wasn't cheap either. 10.97 with the attached coupon. A friend of mine swears by it for getting/keeping whites white. I have some whites that I've tried everything with. And I'm just very unhappy that they aren't white. Kind of a crummy greige color.  I'm not looking for miracles but whiter would be best. 

Fragrance out of the container is a bit industrialish - hopefully it disappates. 

The smell of tide makes my throat hurt. Always has - weird eh?

Monday, July 27, 2015

ABM in service

Fired up the ABM today.  Banana Bread in the House!  Kids happy, mom happy.
Used 2 of the headed to the freezer bananas and the last 1/2 cup of sliced almonds.  I'm sure I'll need to make another loaf tomorrow.  That's ok.  Everything is on hand.  Good way to use up some stuff too.  And no heating up the kitchen too much.  Thought back, this was a wedding shower gift almost 18 years ago.  I don't use it that often - probably why it's still working.

Tomorrow might be mini chocolate chip & chopped pecans as the add in.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Making my lists

Such a surprise?  No, not to those who know I love my lists.

Tonight I worked on my first pass at the Back To School list - it's in 2 columns, school supplies and clothing items.  Luckily the uniforms have been bought for the kids.  They came in last week - so tomorrow the kids will try on the components and look over what's needed like undergarments, socks, shoes & sneakers.
School supplies will be bought before school starts and  receipts will be saved (in case teachers want something different used - in case I need to return them)
Clothing needs will wait until CT Tax Free Week - the state gets plenty of my $ in tax revenue - they can suck it up for a week.  In the meantime the list grows.

There are 2 text and 2 workbooks for classes that I will need to order from the book company that will happen in the morning.  Then there is the music for the oldest's Music competition auditions.

It's amazing how it all adds up so quickly.

Weekend wrapup

Busy weekend!  Worked on cleaning the house a bit more while everyone was on the way home.
All the summer camp laundry is washed, dried and folded!
And I was able to hit Joann's for tan thread - I actually ran out - how weird.
Afterwards I hit ShopRite and stuck to my list - yay!
Groceries are all put away too.  It feels great to be a little on top of things.  Especially with this week coming up.  I have to get these 3 ready for  another week long trip.  Which will include a trip to the store or two.

I did take a few minutes on the way to the grocery store and stop at goodwill fir a quick poke around - I remember why I get annoyed at the one I stopped at.  Some shoppers are so rude, I mean say excuse me if you want to walk past and need some space - I'm kinda weird about my personal space like that no need to push thru.  It was busy and I was kinda bummed I didn't find anything.  Feeling like I need to take a ride to Savers for a good poke around soon.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Food Waste Friday

Similar to MamaFish I've had a good week on food waste.  Partly because I'm home alone & not a fussy eater when busy doing projects around the house.

Fed the Trash Can (compost bin out of commission until late fall)
Bag of broccoli slaw (made into salad). Didn't care for the dressing I mixed for it.  Just couldn't eat it.
About 3cups of watermelon - got icky I couldn't finish it fast enough

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inexpensive fix

Our patio fireplace!  It's some sort of metal, my mom's neighbor was moving a few years ago and gave it to mom for me.  It was in great shape - not sure there was ever a fire in it then.  We've used if some over the years and I noticed that it was getting some fine rust in the finish.  The original was a dull silvery finish.  A quick trip to the hardware store in the next town and I was in business.  I talked to the men there (none under 60) they reccomended this product.  Good for wood stoves and grills!  
Yesterday I wire brushed it off, today I used one of the 2 cans I bought and when it's totally dry I will light a fire to heat cure it.  I'm seeing the overspray on the concrete...whoops....hopefully a little steel wool later will fix that.  We were out of newspaper to lay down and I was in a rush to get it painted while it's not hot and humid.

After I hit it there was a bit left in the can so I touched up our 17 year old grill too.this time I was smarter and grabbed some painter tape and papers from the recycle bin

Top is before...bottom is after with the shiney part still wet

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New food love

I have found a new food love.
After years of eating plain fat free greek yogurt and occasionally a carton of low fat I've been pretty happy.  I toss on some fresh or frozen fruits sometimes a drizzle of honey or sprinkle of stevia if I have any.
The other day when I was picking up milk, bread and a few things we were low on/out of I grabbed a quart of whole milk plain greek yogurt.  OMGoodness! It was awesome!!  So creamy & lush on my blueberries.  I usually eat a cup of yogurt and a half cup of berries - with the fat free version I feel satisfied.  Today I did that with the whole milk variety and I am stuffed!  I'm going to see how long I feel satisfied as I go about my day.  I could be making a switch.  Since I only eat it for 1 meal a day and We are a 1% wet milk house I'm not worried about getting fat from the whole milk fat version - especially if I'm not hungry enuf to snack between meals.

Monday, July 20, 2015

List failure

Today was not a good day for accomplishing much on my list.
Tomorrow for sure!  I'm hitting it hard and early.  I will get something accomplished by golly!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's cooking?

Opened the fridge to see 2 nixes of mushrooms that needed to be cooked.  Washed, quartered, salted, peppered, garlic'd and tossed with 1/2 cut white wine from the freezer and a drizzle of olive oil.  Baked off until nice and browned.  Waiting in Tupperware to be combined with other things this week for my dinner.

Baked a batch of Parmesan zucchini rounds as well - ate those for dinner with some of the mushrooms.

Also cleaned pet cage and 2 bathrooms.  Time for a movie

I'm back & ready to write!

Hi Everyone!  I'm back and ready to write.  Last week was an adventure.  I forgot I'm not in my 30s anymore-lol!  I had a great time but needed yesterday to recover my wits and rest.  We had prepacked our kids camp trunks the week before, that way it was just clothing that was needed to be added.  Last week I was able to keep up on washing and drying laundry - folding is where I fall down on the job everytime. That meant I needed to fold everything before packing could commence.
The final pack up was completed later than I had hoped for so everyone was in bed later than desired.

But they (kids & hubby) got out of the house on time and quiet took over the home.  I finished my coffee and dozed off and on until noon on the sofa - hey those things are bound to happen right?

The rest of the day was spent puttering around here, tidying up, adding things to my Get-It-Done list.

Today I tackle that list and start making progress

Since it's just me - cooking will be easy (ie non-existent). I'm happy with sandwiches and cereal or yogurt all week. Should save lots of electricity ;-)

Food Waste Friday

I'm a little late posting -Whoops!  I'm borrowing MamaFish's Fed To format this week....

Fed to trash can:
1/2 qt greek yogurt  2 weeks out of date, smelled funny
3/4 loaf of white bread - was getting moldy, reminder that it's bread in the fridge season
Watermelon rinds
Hand full of blueberries from picking through 3 pints to freeze
1/2 pan Chicken broccoli casserole (failed recipe)

What was different this week?  We weren't home much.
Monday we ate leftovers
Tuesday fiesta chicken tacos (crockpot meal)
Wednesday kids wanted Subway & I had an evening meeting so I ate the leftover fiesta chicken
Thursday failed chicken broccoli casserole, they ate it but it upset my stomach
Friday took them to Dairy Queen for working so hard at camp all week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seriously Dragging

OMG!  It's been super hot!  25 kids outside at day camp!!  It's been loads of fun and the kids are really good kids & they're having fun.    I'm super tired though.  Tired feet - super tired feet.  My archery range was set up in a ginormous truck garage - which beats chasing errant arrows from the prickers and weeds of the past (we use a curtain but there's always a few that make it under it or over it). Good part us if it rains we can still shoot bows & arrows, bad part for my feet is it's concrete slab and those make my tootsies tired faster than grass.  Only 2 days left though.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

My busy days ahead

I'm going to try and be around this upcoming week but not sure how much.  I've been asked to teach in the mornings at a local camp.  It's fun and I enjoy it and it's a volunteer gig - which helps to keep my mind engaged, plus ads to my resume.  When I'm not teaching I will be getting my kids ready for camp (their week of sleep away camp is just a week away).  I'm thinking dinners will be easy grilled or crockpot specials.  Especially since hubby has a super busy week and won't be home for dinner most nights.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Food waste Friday

Thanks Mama Fish for the reminder!

We did really well this week - nothing into the trash, I cooked just the right amounts anything leftover was eaten for lunch by kids and I this week.

Going to mother in laws chickens from our house....
8 hamburger rolls (in fridge & all dried out)
6 grinder rolls (in fridge -dried out) I didn't have space in the freezer and forgot they were in the extra fridge

Whine update

Thank you all for commenting on my Whiney post.  So good to see I'm not the only one who deals with this kind of home.
Here's the update
Piles of paperwork - I fished out anything pertaining to me and left the rest there!  I dealt with my stuff - very passive aggressive but felt better knowing they are 100% not my crap
Sofa pillows & Socks - picked up; don't want to break my vacume cleaner
Laundry baskets - told the kids that today is laundry lesson day.  (I have detergent pods for them). This should be interesting.....

Lucky for me the cable guy came early, and called first to see if that was ok!  They fixed the modem problem - their hardware so no cost to me YAY!

Then I had the oldest help me clean the gutters - nasty job but hubby has been too busy lately and the rain on Wednesday alerted me they needed it desperately.  Poor hubby called at 430 to see if I had a plan for dinner and I told him "pizza or out - gutters are done I'm not cooking ". We went out -YAY!

As for the counter/breakfast bar - looks the same.  That's a project for later today

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wa wa whine

As I'm cleaning up (picking up after others grrr) I'm getting more and more discouraged!
I feel like I live with 4-5 teens instead of 2 & 1 super involved hardworking hubby

I would love to have a home where

  • there aren't piles of in process paperwork left all around
  • socks aren't waiting for me on the floor of whatever room they were shed in
  • sofa pillows are on the sofa (not the floor near the sofa)
  • if someone stopped by I could invite them in spur of the moment
  • the kitchen counter/breakfast bar could actually not serve as a dumping ground for whatever 'you' might need to put in your pockets, your bedroom, on the desk, in the file cabinet always at a later time
  • laundry baskets of clean clothes get put away after being delivered to your room, rather than on the floor to serve as a makeshift dresser - next to the real dresser
It's a rainy day here and feeling trapped with the mess that must be tackled & having to wait for the cable company.

How fast things change

So, yesterday I had an list of things to accomplish.  Which didn't happen as I thought.
I got the oil change done, but they reminded me that I had 3 other things that needed to be addressed - after double checking with hubby - I used up my time waiting on the car to be done.
This meant I didn't have the time or energy to hit Walmart.  I came home to find the oldest finished the required reading assignment (I nagged via text).
After spending the other chunk of the day on the youngest's clothing sort, I tried to watch tv and our cable is all wacky - as in not working except for QVC & HSN channels!  And the voicemail wasn't either.  So that was 2 hours on the phone with the cable company.  They sent us a new modem that is crap and has messed things up

Today I will be cleaning like a mad woman since 1. It needs to be done & 2. They gave me a service window of 1-4 today to figure out what the problem is.

Oh - did I mention yesterday's rain storm?  Well the gutters are clogged again!  Oh joy!!  With more rain in the forecast for today I guess I know what I have to do :-(

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On the docket today

Today promises to be busy for me.
  1. Oil change for my car (using the courtesy shuttle today for an errand rather than sitting and waiting)
  2. Errands at Walmart (yuck)
  3. Nagging the kids to finish their summer reading assigned book (so I can return them to the library)
  4. Dumping contents if youngest's dresser and doing a big sort/purge.
  5. Moving purge results to 2 piles (donation & sell)
Thankfully I'm caught up on laundry. I'm sure that won't last long

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Deep clean laundry

Last 2 days I've been on a cleaning mission - pillows!
Yes, I washed and dried 6 bed pillows in my front loader.  They turned out great.
My washer has an allergen cycle and I can add an extra rinse to it.  I bit the bullet and used the dryer too.  But pillows are clean and fluffy.
I used hot water, allergen cycle with the extra rinse, 3 pumps of method detergent and 1 oxy for whites pod (why I used only 3pumps of detergent rather than 4).
I then did all our bed sheets on the same allergen & hot cycle but not the extra rinse and no oxy pod.  But I did use the normal amount of detergent and a little baking soda.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Farmers Market

Our little town has a Sunday farmer market.  I wish we had more local (ie in town farmers) but I was able to get some tasty tidbits.
A bunch of beets with greens (beets looked great / greens were meh?). Roots will be roasted off in the oven, the greens I don't know yet...maybe compost those as the pets didn't care for them and I've never cooked them
A bunch of tiny white turnips with attached greens.  Roasting the roots and braising the greens after they are blanched in salted water
Tiny box of raspberries (yum! - they are history)
Some new fingerling potatoes (to roast with the other roots)
2 baguettes - we love these from one particular store in town (1 is gone)
2 big lovely tomatoes
Cinnamon bun from the bread place (I shared it with hubby)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Food Waste Friday

Not bad this week...
1/2 head of iceberg - it's just been around too long
1/2 pint blueberries - leaving them on the counter so kids would see and eat was a mistake - they were icky
3 mushed burger rolls from fridge

Plan for using up stuff.  I have about 4 cups of various flavors of Cheerios and an open bag of marshmallows getting sticky - thinking of adding a the dregs of the granola box and Rice Krispies  and making "cereal treats". Hoping kids just eat the cereal too - so the milk gets used up (I hate wasting milk)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Change & Good Wishes

Yup - I de-cluttered the blog appearance today.  I needed to go simpler.  More zen.
Happy Independence Day!  Stay safe & enjoy the holiday weekend!!