Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Deep clean laundry

Last 2 days I've been on a cleaning mission - pillows!
Yes, I washed and dried 6 bed pillows in my front loader.  They turned out great.
My washer has an allergen cycle and I can add an extra rinse to it.  I bit the bullet and used the dryer too.  But pillows are clean and fluffy.
I used hot water, allergen cycle with the extra rinse, 3 pumps of method detergent and 1 oxy for whites pod (why I used only 3pumps of detergent rather than 4).
I then did all our bed sheets on the same allergen & hot cycle but not the extra rinse and no oxy pod.  But I did use the normal amount of detergent and a little baking soda.

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