Sunday, July 5, 2015

Farmers Market

Our little town has a Sunday farmer market.  I wish we had more local (ie in town farmers) but I was able to get some tasty tidbits.
A bunch of beets with greens (beets looked great / greens were meh?). Roots will be roasted off in the oven, the greens I don't know yet...maybe compost those as the pets didn't care for them and I've never cooked them
A bunch of tiny white turnips with attached greens.  Roasting the roots and braising the greens after they are blanched in salted water
Tiny box of raspberries (yum! - they are history)
Some new fingerling potatoes (to roast with the other roots)
2 baguettes - we love these from one particular store in town (1 is gone)
2 big lovely tomatoes
Cinnamon bun from the bread place (I shared it with hubby)

1 comment:

  1. make Harvard beet greens. recipe should be easy to find. basically are sauteed grees in an orange sauce yummy!