Sunday, July 19, 2015

Food Waste Friday

I'm a little late posting -Whoops!  I'm borrowing MamaFish's Fed To format this week....

Fed to trash can:
1/2 qt greek yogurt  2 weeks out of date, smelled funny
3/4 loaf of white bread - was getting moldy, reminder that it's bread in the fridge season
Watermelon rinds
Hand full of blueberries from picking through 3 pints to freeze
1/2 pan Chicken broccoli casserole (failed recipe)

What was different this week?  We weren't home much.
Monday we ate leftovers
Tuesday fiesta chicken tacos (crockpot meal)
Wednesday kids wanted Subway & I had an evening meeting so I ate the leftover fiesta chicken
Thursday failed chicken broccoli casserole, they ate it but it upset my stomach
Friday took them to Dairy Queen for working so hard at camp all week.

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