Thursday, July 9, 2015

How fast things change

So, yesterday I had an list of things to accomplish.  Which didn't happen as I thought.
I got the oil change done, but they reminded me that I had 3 other things that needed to be addressed - after double checking with hubby - I used up my time waiting on the car to be done.
This meant I didn't have the time or energy to hit Walmart.  I came home to find the oldest finished the required reading assignment (I nagged via text).
After spending the other chunk of the day on the youngest's clothing sort, I tried to watch tv and our cable is all wacky - as in not working except for QVC & HSN channels!  And the voicemail wasn't either.  So that was 2 hours on the phone with the cable company.  They sent us a new modem that is crap and has messed things up

Today I will be cleaning like a mad woman since 1. It needs to be done & 2. They gave me a service window of 1-4 today to figure out what the problem is.

Oh - did I mention yesterday's rain storm?  Well the gutters are clogged again!  Oh joy!!  With more rain in the forecast for today I guess I know what I have to do :-(

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